Thursday, December 26, 2013

Antis Christmas 2013

I won't even go into my feelings about
Christmas this year. I just wasn't feeling it!
However, Christmas came and went and it 
was a LOT of fun with the Antis Gang.

Aaron, Aubrey (holding Baby the Chiweenie), Erek,
Mona (GF), Grandma Carol, Grandpa Dave, Ally,
Desi, Doug, baby Maximus in the carseat, little Aleck,
Sean, Gary, Maureen, Lucy, Uncle Charlie, Mama Dawn,
little Noah & My! 

Trigger didn't get to spend the whole day with us
so we had to snap some photos on my camera
timer with the guy.  Can't you tell he loved it?!

yes, he can jump 5 feet high!

Our little Antis Family!

We had a great Christmas. This year we didn't really do
gifts for each other. We decided that we want to
invest in a nice couch setup with a Recliner and everything.
The whole shebang! 

Other then that, we just got little stuff for our family
and friends and enjoyed celebrating Christmas.

Jesus is the best and I love him. I thank him
every day for all He has done for me.

now…. onto 2014! Now that's something
to be excited about!